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What would happen if you shifted your perspective?

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Resilience Trainer Rodney Flowers speak at the Evolutionary Business Council Retreat. Rodney had been a rising star football player, seemingly destined for a career in the sport. Then at fourteen, during a game, he was hit by another player, and his spinal cord was severed. Rodney is now in his thirties (my guess) and a motivational speaker. He is walking again — with crutches. But beyond that, what I found significant is that his mindset was absolutely profound. I was blown away by his wisdom. He said, “Within every challenge, there is opportunity.”

We all have our own personal challenges — whether it’s about our health, our relationships, our businesses — and more. Then sprinkle in the global issues — the pandemic, racial injustice, global warming, political unrest — and life can seem so daunting.

At times like these, we can feel righteous about standing our ground, believing our position is “right,” and walling ourselves off to the possibility of solutions that can only come to us with a shift in our own mindset.

What if we paused and considered the opportunity being presented to us?

I know without the pandemic, I would probably still be living in Colorado — and away from my children — and missing out on building even more memories and having a greater influence and presence in my children and grandchildren’s lives. I would also not have expanded my business and A Writable Life Publishing would not have even been a consideration.

And with my business, I’ve had innumerable technical challenges that have momentarily caused me to become upset. However, when I stepped back, I realized that these difficulties were forcing me to look at how I just cannot “do it all” on my own anymore. So I’m shifting my mindset from a solopreneur to a businesswoman and building a team to support me in a number of different areas. And frankly, it’s been a relief.

In the home study course, In Search of the Self, offered by Siddha Yoga, I read that “Our outlook determines everything. We tend to think that everything is determined by factors outside our control. However, everything is determined by our outlook, our attitude, our approach.”

Our lives can either be gifts filled with opportunities or challenges that we trudge through and playing our victim card. Goodness knows I’ve done that enough in my life. A rainy day can be an event spoiler or a beautiful blessing that nourishes our plants and soils and provides the opportunity to have a “rainy day” at home. It all depends on our perspective.

Places of Pondering

I invite you to take some time to consider:

  • Where am I being challenged and what is my mindset about these challenges?
  • How am I defending my position to be “right”?
  • What needs to happen to shift why perspective?

May you be open to opportunities.

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