Increasing Credibility Through Quoting

When we use quotes from thought leaders and experts to support our argument, we show our audience that our ideas are either being shared or perhaps debated. This likely piques the curiosity of our readers to take us more seriously and perhaps even to do more research on the topic on which we’re writing.

By now, you’re probably saying to yourself, but my blogs are not arguments, neither is my book.

My response is: Everything is an argument.

Whenever we take a position on an idea or issue––or express our mindful meandering on circumstances or experiences, we’re taking a stand on a topic. We’re expressing our opinions in the hopes that others will see our point of view.

Integrating quotes from other sources also increases the SEO of our blogs. We’re able to tag the person or company and draw attention to our work in that way.

Ali Luke, of Problogger, says, “Even small blogs can pass useful link juice by linking to the post or book they’re quoting, and while huge bloggers may not always notice or acknowledge that they’ve been quoted, the “little guys” of the blogosphere may respond incredibly enthusiastically.”

Did you notice how I incorporated another expert on the topic to demonstrate this approach?

This exactly what you need to do. And here are a few tips:

  1. Be sure to acknowledge the expert by including a “top bun” to your quote sandwich. In the example above this is: Ali Luke, of ProBlogger, says.
  2. The meat of the quote is in quotation marks.
  3. Then the bottom bun is a bit of commentary on the quote. In this case, the bottom bun is my statement beginning with “Did you notice…”

Above all, make sure the quote aligns with your content. We don’t want to drop any quote into our work. It must make sense and add to the conversation we’ve started with the blog or section of our book.

The key is to create content that created from 80% of your ideas. Quotes and excerpts from outside sources must comprise of no more than 20% of your text.

So the next time you write a blog, book, or beyond, find an expert to be your wingman. Commit to being the flight lead of your message, and remember it’s okay to have a back-up that could potentially draw more attention to your work.

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