I Won’t Go Speechless

A few days ago, as I prepared for my day, I was doing my hair, putting on my make-up, and playing my Power Songs Playlist. I have a number of songs that make me feel good, think more positively — and well, inspire me to move! The list includes “Come Alive” from The Greatest Showman, “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey, and “Let Me Fly” by Mike + the Mechanics.

Yet, when “Speechless” by Naomi Scott from the movie, Aladdin, played, I stopped. The universe tapped me on my shoulder and said, “Listen.” These words made my heart flutter:

“I can’t stay silent

Though they wanna keep me quiet

And I tremble when they try it

All I know is I won’t go speechless”

My thoughts drifted to my granddaughters and all the role models they are seeing portrayed on the movies they watch––Princess Jasmine in Aladdin, Moana in Moana, and Elsa in Frozen. All of these female characters are strong, powerful, and won’t be silenced. They stand up for what they believe is right, and they rile against cultural norms that are meant to oppress. Abi & Naomi sing to these show tunes all the time, and I love the affirmations that are vibrating through their bodies as they belt out the lyrics.

I didn’t have those role models. I had Cinderella, Snow White, and other “Once Upon a Time” characters. The message there? Not so empowering. These female characters taught me that I needed to be rescued by the man.

Speechless — It’s No Wonder!

This realization was a missing piece in why I sometimes forget who I really am when I am in a relationship. And this is a hard one to admit publicly — it’s probably been driving me all my life to look for a man to make life easier — to rescue me.

I was taught by movies, television shows, and probably all those songs that my father played every night after work, that I needed a man to make life complete, to take care of me. I was subtly told I couldn’t make it on my own. This message also kept me from truly stepping into who I am and to express myself, my truth, in every situation, even if I tremble.

Ouch! It’s no wonder I couldn’t commit to me. It was drilled into my psyche that I needed to commit to another or I would be locked away into a life of servitude and poverty.

This might not be the message that you received from your early childhood influences, but my guess is that something is keeping you from fully embracing you — from thriving!

So I invite you to ask the universe to be shown what subtle cultural messages you were raised with through music, movie, and television. And guys, I’m talking to you too!

This is for men as well. Women aren’t the only ones kept in a prison because of the master narrative of society. Men are just as imprisoned in roles that might not align with who they truly are.

Here’s an opportunity to reflect upon a few questions that I’ve asked myself:

  • What is the theme of the messages you received in early childhood?
  • What does your life look like because of the messages?
  • What song would you rather be singing?
  • What role would you rather be playing?
  • What story would you rather be living?
  • How can you make this happen?

My hope is that you’ll unveil a secret that will set you free.

Happy Exploring!

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